Art + Enviornmental Activism + Advertising


In collaboration with KXSC Radio, we designed and executed a pop-up inflatable octopus sculpture to promote their 2015 KXSC Fest. The octopus was designed and constructed by our team and made from recycled plastic bags.



Teaching High School kids how to paint and lead


Last semester, we created a Mobile Mural Wall in collaboration with a local high school and USC Troy Camp. The students learned the process of painting a mural and also made individual paintings.


Bringing USC Musical Artists to the Forefront


We've promoted artists like EaSWay and REL through grassroots marketing and promotion strategies to involve a multifaceted and innovative approach. After our "Birthday Bash" fundraising event in which both artists performed and collaborated, EaSWay was interview by Annenberg Media's The Sound and launched a merch line, while REL. reached 1,000,000 listens on Soundcloud. 


Sun-powered Technology x Design x Fundraising


Custom cyanotype tank tops were created for our fundraising efforts. We created stencils, used 100% Egyptian recycled cotton for our tees, and hand sprayed and dyed them using a special emulsion that develops in the sun. The tanks were sold on the USC campus and Abbot Kinney and all proceeds went to our art programming efforts for Children's Hospital.



Art Installation: Coffee Shop


We were commissioned by USC's Ground Zero Performance Cafe to create a custom art installation for one of their blank walls. The materials we are using to build the installation are coffee beans, resin, and gold leaf. The project is an exploration into materiality and highlighting the necessity for sustainability.



Helping Artists Reach a Larger Audience and HS Mural


We're incorporating into a 501-c3 non-profit corporation, planning an Arts Gala at USC in partnership with the Deans of USC's Arts schools, creating murals with BSA and a local High School and creating a benefit concert in collaboration with Hollywood Records. This exemplifies how we help artists reach a larger audience and are making an impact within the community.