Mural At 'With Love Cafe'

what it is

With Love believes that all people, regardless of income, race, social status, location, language are all equally valuable and inherently deserve the same access/opportunities as any other. 

Their market selects top quality, affordable products for their customers, making it easier for them to eat better, healthier, tastier food every day!

With Love also has a non-profit arm that offers free classes around healthy eating, child development, exercise and other life skills, enabling our community to thrive. 

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why we need you

We will be designing a mural for their back patio community space. On the designated day, cafe patrons and members of the community will be invited to come interact with the art. We will design the mural to delegate a specific space where children and others can 'add their mark' to the art.

This is an amazing opportunity to have your art displayed publicly in LA, while beautifying your local community and giving aid to a wonderful cause.

To get involved, look out for emails regarding the project

and keep an eye on the portal calendar for important dates.