USC Religious Center Installation

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what it is

Rev. Jim Burklo, Senior Associate Dean of Religious Life at USC, reached out to Mureality after seeing some of our other socially-minded work on campus.

Aside from religious support, the USC religious center offers mindfulness classes, yoga, free dinners for those in need, and LGBTQ+ support. 

The Religious Center is a beautiful building, but after tremendous renovations a couple years ago, all interior artwork had to be removed. The Center is looking for fresh ideas to create a more inviting, beautiful space. 

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why we need you

This is an amazing opportunity for Mureality members to flex their creative muscles for an amazing cause. The USC Religious Center offers a plethora of services to all members of the USC community, and this is our chance to give back.

There are virtually no restrictions on what can be created with this project. This is your chance to create something impactful and beautiful, right in the center of campus.

Ideas include: Creative Light Art, Music Installations, Prayer Station, Meditation Dome, possibilities are endless!

To get involved, keep an eye out for project emails and events on the portal calendar